I need to go to Dumfries Osteopath Clinic about once a year to get straightened out after mountain biking injuries.
I have been seen both by Julian and Josh. They have treated me incredibly well, predominantly for neck and back injuries.
I’m delighted to be able to say I had the first pain free night last night and a pain free day at work today after treatment yesterday evening.
They are a great team for when I make a mess of myself after coming off the bike but also improving my quality of life sorting my postural issues. Professional, careful, courteous and confidential. Highly recommend.


I have been to Julian a few times in the past and always been happy with the service provided and end results, for general wear and tear on the body.
I have just returned to see him again today (after being away 2.5 years) and was warmly greeted, as if I had never been away.
A total professional, who always puts his clients at ease, chatting as he works.
Highly recommended, for his attitude, work ethic and proven results.

Steve McKie

I have Fibromyalgia and I had also put my back out so was in a bad place, I went to visit Mr J Leask and after 30mins with him I felt a million dollars!…dont know how he does it but WOW I felt like I was floating on air…wont leave it so long next time…back ache has gone! Thank you so much x
Angela Ferguson


Recently hurt my back and after 2 visits Oliver sorted it for me. Really nice friendly fella who knows his stuff. Thanks for getting me mobile again.

David Rochester

For years I have suffered lower back pain together with pain going from my hip right down my leg and into my foot. Whilst I lived with this on a daily basis nights were quite untenable in that I was wakened by pain several times in the night and the luxury of a full night’s rest was a dim and distant memory.
I tried various sources in an effort to gain pain relief – acupuncture, chiropractic, acupuncture with herbs, physiotherapy – all with no effect. Finally I visited Lochthorn Clinic. By the second visit the problem had been accurately identified and after advice to wear an orthopaedic support and two sessions of sacro cranial therapy with remedial massage, the pain has diminished significantly which in turn allows me to enjoy more sleep than for a very long time. All in all a very satisfactory outcome.